VR Night At Museum Udacity Project


This project is about stages of life , i.e.,childhood, adolescence, adulthood ,and aging . It consists of five rooms each one has its own scene .First one is the home page in which you can have a general idea about the project and how to access the rest of scenes .

I have chosen this idea for two reasons:. First one, it was touching , gorgeous and funny to go to my photo album to see myself through different stages of life that I have already passed and then think about what yet to come . Second reason, in Egyptian culture before graduation and marriage party, people tend to have a video that depicts important moments in their lives .This video is usually touching and kind of impressive .I think if we can establish a startup that develop these kinds of videos in a more creative way using VR technology, this could be cool and profitable.

This project is built with by Unity 2017.4.4 and GVR Sdk 1.100. It took me a week to finish it on average of 9 hours/day to finish it in a satisfying way for me.It’s user tested.


On a personal level ,I crafted this project by my passion, my love for art , and part of my soul , pictures, and Memories . On technical level ,I have noticed how with the same model just by changing its textures, ambient music , and colors , we can come up with totally different mode , and atmosphere, and hence experience . It was also quite challenging for me to finish project without predefined assets so I have to make a lot of lovely decisions.Here’s the the video of the project :


1- Rough sketch of the environment

2-Main Model


Shrouk is a senior aerospace engineering student , she has 23 years old .She has not tried a VR experience before yet she has idea about it .When I told her about the project theme , she has become excited about it and thought that it could be so nice to document your life in a creative ,and brand new way.

4-Scene Construction stages

User testing outcomes and iteration

Scene test

Shrouk is our test subject

“How do you think about the scale of the door in other words does it give you the feeling that you are giant , small or just normal ?”

“I think it’s so normal and okay.”

“ Can you describe the scene ?”

“ Yeah , I can see your pictures here ..You were so cute . I have loved the song in the background so much..What’s name ?”

“ Photograph , Ed Sheeran is the singer”

“Can you interact with your surrounding environment easily?”

“ Yes , I just have to click a button that’s easy”

“ Is the text legible ?”

“ Not quite , I think you can work on this and make it more legible !”

Movement Mechanics

“ Do you feel uncomfortable or dizzy in any way whatsoever ?”

“ No , not at all it’s totally fine.”

“ If you were me , how you could enhance the scene?”

“ I think I have noticed that you can make it more symmetric by changing the color(texture )of the pillar to match the other one”

“Any further improvements ?”

“ I think it’s quite against intuition that the information appear above the title , I think once I click on early childhood button , it should alter its position to be above the information.”

Iterations made

Based on Shrouk’s feedback and to make the text more legible , I have added an image to the canvas and then changed the color and then increased the text size.

here is the change

For the symmetry issues ,

Intuition issue ,

I added a code segment to make a copy of the button enabled and made its position to be above the information once the user click explore button .

Breakdown of final piece

The user should click start button to begin its journey

Then he will automatically proceed in the room where he will find visual aids that make him understand what the project is all about .

At the same scene , the user could click the buttons to be transferred to the next stage .

Why I have chosen this way of navigation ?

I am very vulnerable to sim sickness and the best way for navigation for me was clicking buttons as it decreases the need for motion for me .

If the user chose for example Childhood

Once he clicks Yes , he will move inside the room

To move from childhood to , for instance, to aging , go to home page and then choose aging .


In this project , I have made a summary for each stage of life ( childhood , adolescence, adulthood , aging ) .For each stage , I have provided the following : text that explains the main changes in one’s personality, attitude, and feelings , Video that highlights the key features , Convenient ambient music and pictures of mine during this stage except for aging stage .To make the project smooth , coherent and intuitive was not an easy task, it was a real challenge .

Future work

The project could be enhanced by making different textures,i.e, five designs for every stage .

Machine Learning Engineer at VRapeutic . Alumna from University of Science and Technology at Zewail City.