Virtual Reality Puzzler Project


This is a VR game in which five orbs or less are lighting up in a sequence , the user should memorize the sequence and then choose orbs in the same sequence by clicking on them .The atmosphere is meant to be mysterious .

Actually , this project is my forth one in VR Udacity’s Nanodegree at which I have learned a lot.It is also built by Unity 2017.4.4 and GVR Sdk 1.100.

Image from the main scene of puzzler


I have learned a lot about VR design process such as scaling ,design foundations, ergonomics,user testing ,movement mechanics , Audio goodness, and how to provide strong feed-forward and feedback for the user.

Here is the final video of the game .

Video game final

Story of the process

1- Rough sketch of the Game environment

Rough Sketch of The Environment

2-UI sketches

UI sketch

3- Digital UI

Start UI sketch
Restart UI


Nourhan Abdelmonem (My lovely mother)

Nourhan Abdelmonem is my mother , she is a teacher .She has fifty years old . She was curious about the thing that I spent most of my time on , she has no experience with VR yet she has become excited when she has tried it using this project .

5-Scene construction stages

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4 ( full construction without lighting )
Stage 5 After lighting

User testing outcomes and iteration

Nourhan is our test subject

Scene test

“How do you think about the scale of the door in other words does it give you the feeling that you are giant , small or just normal ?”

“I think the scale ’s quite small , I feel myself taller than I am actually.”

“ Can you describe the scene ?”

“ I think it looks like a cave with mysterious and exciting atmosphere.”

“Can you interact with your surrounding environment easily?”

“ Yes , I just have to click a button that’s easy”

UI test

“ Is the text legible ?”

“ Yes, for me it is but I suggest that you make it bigger for people with poor eyesight”.

Movement Mechanics

“ Do you feel uncomfortable or dizzy in any way whatsoever ?”

“ No , not at all it’s totally fine.”

Iterations Made

based on the previous feedback I have made several iterations until I reached a satisfying result for my test subject and me .

to adjust scale

I have made re-calibration with the aid of real door based on the information that one unit at unity equals one meter .

Real door
First scale adjustment
Second Scale adjustment
Third scale adjustment

All these adjustments were driven by the user’s feedback until the result is satisfying as depicted in third scale adjustment’s photo.

to adjust text’s legibility

I have changed the angle of UI and increased the text size and made the GVR editor emulator nearer

Before text modification
After text modification

Breakdown of final piece

1- the user should click start button to start the game

Start interface

2-then he should proceed into the game in which orbs are lighting up in a sequence.

Main scene

3-If the user has managed to choose orbs in the right sequence ,then he will proceed to “ congratulations! and restart UI panel” otherwise the sequence will be repeated until he manages to solve it correctly .

End of the game


VR design has many considerations such as scale, viewing angles, distance, lighting, motion, UI text legibility , and so on in order to ensure that the user has enjoyable as well as comfortable experience .

You can download the apk file now !

Future work

I wish to make many levels in my project with increasing degree of difficulty .




Machine Learning Engineer at VRapeutic . Alumna from University of Science and Technology at Zewail City.

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Alaa Hesham

Alaa Hesham

Machine Learning Engineer at VRapeutic . Alumna from University of Science and Technology at Zewail City.

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